We assemble the abundant blessing of the Inland Sea of Japan

Oyster Cuisine

Grilled Oysters (4pieces)
Grilled Oysters (4pieces) 1,200yen
We carefully grill the choicest 3-year-old Jigozen oysters with high flame.
Raw Oysters (4pieces)
Raw Oysters (4pieces) 1,400yen
You can enjoy large, delicious, and safe raw oysters. Please try them with our homemade soy sauce mixed with vinegar and spices.
Oyster-Flavored Rice
Oyster-Flavored Rice 980yen
We add the oyster flavor into rice. This is simple yet profound flavor that one doesn't get bored with and has been popular menu since our restaurant was established.
Fried Oysters
Premium Fried Oysters 1,400yen
We fried carefully selected large and plumped oysters.
Oyster Udon Noodle
Oyster Udon Noodle 950yen
We put plenty of oysters on the top of the noodle with our proudest soup which smells of the sea.
Oyster Bowl
Oyster Bowl 1,300yen
We put lightly beaten egg onto flavored oysters and put it on the top of the rice.


Grilled Conger Eel
Grilled Conger Eel 1,800yen
The conger eels we use are caught off the coast near Miyajima. We grill them savorily with the sauce made according to our traditional secret recipe.
Combination Meal, Momiji (Soba Noodle)
Combination Meal, Momiji (Soba Noodle) 1,600yen
Reasonable combination meal includes popular oyster-flavored rice with vegetable and shrimp tempura and cold soba noodle.
Barbecued sea eel on rice,miso soup and pickles 1,850yen
Fried oysters,curry and rice 1,380yen

Other Menu

For the customers whom oyster doesn't suit, we have a great variety of menu to choose from.

  • Pork Cutlet Combination 1,800yen
  • Fried Oyster Combination 1,680yen
  • Combination Meal, Misen (Udon Noodle) 1,600yen
  • Udon Combination 850yen
  • Cold Soba Noodle with Tempura 1,350yen
  • Cold Soba Noodle with Grounded Yam and the Yolk on the Top 900yen
  • Oyster-Flavored Rice Balls 600yen
  • Grilled Conger Eel Rice Balls 750yen
  • Kid's Lunch 950yen
  • Fried Sprat 580yen
  • French Fries 480yen
  • Fried Chicken 700yen
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[ What kind of oyster is "Jigozen-gaki". ]
Hatsukaichi city, Jigozen-district is located on the other side of the shore of Miyajima. In this area of the sea, Ohta river flows into Hiroshima Bay and the seawater of the Inland Sea of Japan are blended and create ideal fishing ground. The black fold around the meat is a sign that the oyster has grown up with fine quality plankton. It has become a name-brand oyster which is recently rated high throughout the country.
[ Why is the conger eel in Miyajima delicious? ]
The sea off Miyajima where is a perfect fishing ground for oysters is also ones for conger eels. This is because many of baits of conger eel, such as lugworms live in the ocean around rafts for oyster faring. The kind of conger eels which can be caught here is Japanese conger eel (Maanago). This is the same kind which can be caught in other areas in Japan. However the conger eels in Miyajima are not too greasy and enhance its flavor as you chew.