Japanese style cafe Hayashiya

A relaxing space, Japanese style cafe Hayashiya, which is located on Machiya street.

Hayashiya is located the elegant street as of old called Machiya street which is stretching on the mountain side and parallel to crowded Omotesando shopping arcade.

The inside of a store


We have built Hayashiya with the concept of creating a comfortable space which matches with the landscape of Miyajima as it carry on long-held tradition. We have opened the cafe as a new project of Yakigaki-no-Hayashi.

Directory of inside the cafe

Addition to the atmosphere of a tea-ceremony room, the cafe which adapts traditional construction technique has a high ceiling and a counter of marble.

Please enjoy leisurely time with seasonal flower decorated inside the cafe and with an inner garden with which you can feel the change of the four seasons.

When you have some time while strolling Miyajima, please stop by at our cafe by yourself or with your family or friends.
We are looking forward to seeing you.

Store information

Weekdays 11:30- Last Order17:00
Weekends and Holidays 11:30- Last Order18:00
Regular Holiday
Wednesdays and unfixed Tuesdays
Seating capacity
A seat at a table/14
A seat at the counter/8
Phone number

The inside of a store


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Hayashiya's notes

[ What is Sukiya-zukuri? ]
The sukiya style of building is the structure which adapts a style of a tea room. Some people say that this style has established when the tea ceremony was in fashion from Azuchimomoyama period to Edo period. Reflecting the spirit of the masters of tea ceremony who disliked showy decorations, the simple and sophisticated design is the one of its prominent characters.
[ I found a deer! ]
We have collected miscellaneous goods and sweets made in shape of a deer. Please take your favorite "deer(s)" back home as mementos of your trip.

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