Japanese style cafe Hayashiya

Feel the four seasons of Miyajima, Hayashiya's hospitality

We provide Japanese sweets made of Japanese and European ingredients according to the season. In order to create delicious sweets, we have been particular about the ingredients that we choose, such as high quality red beans from Hokkaido, organic Matcha (finely-milled Japanese green tea), and organic coffee.

Seets menu

Hayashiya's Style of Matcha Parfait
Hayashiya's Style of Matcha Parfait 1,080yen
Original parfait with homemade red bean paste and matcha cake.
Hayashiya's Style of Matcha Anmitsu Set
Hayashiya's Style of Matcha Anmitsu Set 1,240yen
Anmitsu made lightly with homemade red bean paste and matcha jelly. We also have Hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea) Anmitsu Set.
Matcha Jelly Float
Matcha Jelly Float 790yen
Matcha au lait with homemade matcha jelly and matcha gelato on the top. We also have Hojicha Jelly Float and Coffee Jelly Float.
Matcha Cappuccino
Matcha Cappuccino 630yen
Organic matcha with steamed-milk foam. We also have Hojicha Cappucino.
Today's Cake Set (with Coffee)
Today's Cake Set (with Coffee) 1,100yen
We provide a couple of seasonal homemade cakes. Please enjoy them with a cup of coffee or matcha.
Today's Cake Set (with Matcha Cappuccino)
Today's Cake Set (with Matcha Cappuccino) 1,150yen
*The dessert of the cake set will change daily.

Lunch Menu comes with dessert 11:30~14:30 (L.O.)
Limited amount. We prepare the menu created for the season.

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Hayashiya's notes

[ Wazukacha ]
Wazukacha from Uji, Kyoto, is regarded as one of the origins of Japanese tea. At Wazuka-cho, people have been cultivating traditional Japanese tea. Wazukacha which grows up with abundant nature is a top-of-the-range tea in flavor and taste. We order the Japanese green tea we use from Wazuka-chou, Kyoto.
We use green tea from different farmhouses for different menus. Because each of them differs in color and flavor according to its producer, we chose the one which suits its menu the most.

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